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Parent Information

School Bus Service


Morning and afternoon- Students who are 8 years or younger may catch the school bus. Students who are 9 and older must come to school by another means e.g. bike, walk, car etc.

Occasional Student Exemptions

From time to time some students who do not qualify for the bus, may be given an exemption. For example, a student has a cast on a broken leg, or who is accompanying a new entrant child until they get settled. Exemptions will be granted by the principal and will be on a case-by-case basis. The approval will be for specific periods of time. If an exemption is required, please contact the principal as early as possible.

Bus Route and Times

Morning Run

Bus leaves Melville High School at approximately 8.15 a.m. then goes to Temple View to pick up the children before heading off to Koromatua School.

The pick up point is at the Foster Road LDS Chapel car park. Students should wait under the chapel eave on the car park side until the bus stops. They will then move down to the bus. The bus aims to leave the chapel at 8.30am.

Afternoon Run

In the afternoon the bus goes straight to Temple View, leaving school at approximately 3.10 p.m.

The first drop off point is at the Foster Road LDS Chapel car park. Children who live on the chapel side of the road will come off the bus and walk home along the footpath. 

The bus will then pull across Foster Road and immediately stop at the Foster Road bus stop near Goodwin Terrace. The remaining students will then disembark at this point and walk home along the footpaths. The bus then goes to do the Melville High School run.

Dropping Off or Picking Up Students

To avoid children having to cross the road, it is recommended that parents park on the same side of the road as their child is to be dropped off or picked up.