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Risk Management

Risk Management

The management of risk is an important part of a school's obligation and duty. For students to grow and develop they need to take some risks and challenge themselves. With good supervision and planning many situations that would not normally be suitable are educationally very valuable. However, some risks are not appropriate for children to be exposed to at all.  

The task for schools is to identify risks that are hazardous and to eliminate them wherever possible, and failing that to isolate them or minimise them as much as possible.

The menu to the left gives you access to some of the risk management procedures in the school.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

For all activities that are undertaken off site the school prepares a risk assessment to identify risks and hazards and to plan how to eliminate or reduce those risks.

The board of trustees has delegated to the principal the responsibility for approving activites that are held in "contained" situations e.g. interschool events, winter sports, swimming, technology challenges etc.

The board is responsible for approving less well contained activites e.g. off site camps, long trips etc.

Parents are asked each year to sign a General Acitivity Approval that allows the school to involve children in activities throughout the year without having to request individual approvals for each separate event. However, further parent approval will still be sought for major events such as school camps.

The school is responsible for ensuring that parents are made aware of all pertinent information about off-site activities, including relevant risks associated with each activity and how the school plans to deal with those risks. This infomation can be viewed by clicking on the links to the left.