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Preparation for School

1. To help children with the transition from home to school we have listed some of the skills that are helpful for your child to have proficiency with before they start school.

He or she is able to:

  • Count to 10
  • Say the name of most common colours
  • Identify some letters and make letter-sound matches
  • Write his or her name, using a capital letter for the first letter only
  • Say their telephone number and home address
  • Use scissors, crayons and pencils
  • Enjoy listening to and discussing stories
  • Engage in reading and writing attempts
  • Show and use acceptable manners, like "Thank you", "Please", "Excuse me", "May I...", and so on
  • Share and know the importance of treating other people the way they themselves want to be treated

2. Ready for School: Children’s early experiences are pivotal to their development and are also influential in determining their future approach to learning.  Gill Connell is SPARC's Active Movement Advisor and the clip featured below shows practical affordable play activities that parents can do with their children to get their children moving - and consequently learning. The clip featured here is a segment from the 'Nought to Five' TV series that screened in 2006.

Ready for School (Time 6:11) mms://wn1.streaming.net.nz/sparc/0-5/ready-school.wmv

More videos in this series can be viewed at www.sparc.org.nz/education/active-movement/am-video