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Enrolment ** Cohort Entry Update **

Pre-enrolment Visits

Koromatua School will feature COHORT Entry beginning Term 2, 2021

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Starting School

For new entrants, our goal is to firmly establish the key skills required for literacy and numeracy success, and to build upon the work you as parents and your child’s pre-school centre have begun.  Starting school is an exciting time, but does mean changes for you and your child. 

Although most of our New Entrants area familiar with school long before they turn five, some children may need a bit of support when they start school.  To help your child with the transition from home to school it would be helpful for your child to know the following before they start school

  • Write their name, using a capital letter for the first letter only
  • Recognise the letters of the alphabet out of order and know the sounds the letters make
  • Count up to 30 and backwards from 20
  • Be familiar with using scissors, crayons and pencils

Pre-Enrolment Visits

Children are invited to visit the new entrant room three times before starting school. 

Parents are encouraged to contact the school at least one month before their child’s fifth birthday. 

Please e-mail annelid@koromatua.school.nz to arrange school visits with the new entrance teacher Anneli Duvenhage.

All visitors to the school are asked to sign in at the office before going to the classroom.

We recommend you arrive at 9.30am on the morning of your school visits and remain until 11am.   Please bring a piece of fruit and a snack for your child to eat at 10.30 for Morning Tea.   From 10.40 – 11.00 we encourage your child to interact with other students during play.


  • To meet the new entrant teacher
  • To help your child to familiarise themselves with the new entrant classroom and their new classmates
  • For parents/caregivers to have the opportunity to talk to the new entrant teacher and learn about classroom and school routines.                                                                                          

Visiting children will be encouraged to join in with the other new entrant children and participate in the classroom activities provided by the teacher.  Parents and caregivers are asked to work alongside their child throughout the session and for this reason it is not appropriate for younger siblings to attend these sessions.  To find out more information about our school please visit our school website at www.koromatua.school.nz 


Enrollment forms can be downloaded from the side link or obtained from the school office at any time.

Class stationery lists can be obtained from the school office at any time prior to your child's first visit.