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Enrolment ** Cohort Entry Update **

Enrolment Information

Legal Requirments

Once a child is 6 yrs old he/she must be enrolled at a school, and must attend that school. 5yr old children do not have to be enrolled at school, but once they have been enrolled  they are then legally required to attend daily and full time.

Early Enrolment

Please enrol your child as early as possible in advance of his/her first day of attendance. This will make for a much more relaxed first day for all concerned. (See also the link to the left on pre-enrolment visits to the school.)

Koromatua School uses COHORT Entry (Since Term 2, 2021)

This affects when NEW ENTRANTS(5 year olds) are accepted into the school - Click Here for details!

Required Documentation at Enrolment  

To help you prepare for enrolment a copy of the Enrolment Form can be downloaded from the side link.

If Koromatua School is the first school your child has enrolled at then you must bring your child's birth certificate (or passport/immigration status papers) and your child's immunisation certificate. Enrolment will not be completed until a birth certificate is presented and a copy taken.

Although students are not required by law to start school until they are 6 years of age, once a child of 5 years is enrolled then they are legally required to attend school.