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Visitor Guidelines


During Covid-19 Alert Level 3: Essential visitors only. Student drop-off and collection point is at the front gate by the school bus stop. Class/teacher/student bubbles are in operation. If you need to come on site, please make an appointment by phoning the office administrator (07)8479828, or by emailing enquiries@koromatua.school.nz. Maintain social distancing and hand hygiene.

Normal Procedures

The school needs to know who is in the school, to help to ensure the safety of staff and students and also the safety of those who are visiting the school.


  1. All visitors to the school are required to sign in at the school office on arrival and are to sign out at the office on departure. Time of entry and departure are noted in Vistab.
  2. A visitor who wishes to meet with a member of the school staff, particularly a class teacher, should make an appointment to do so. Note: The teacher’s first responsibility is to the class. If a parent wishes to discuss an issue during class time, the teacher is instructed to inform the parent they will be contacted at the earliest possible convenience to book an appointment.
  3. All visitors are required to follow the directions of school staff.
  4. At no point is a visitor to demean, abuse, threaten, or harm, any student, or member of staff, or any other visitor to the school.
  5. At no point is a visitor to question or in any way attempt to chastise, or discipline a child who is not their own.
  6. During an evacuation, or drill, all visitors are to assemble at the evacuation assembly point on the school field and have their names checked off against the Vistab list. Visitors are to remain there until the evacuation or drill has been concluded.
  7. During a lock-down all visitors are expected to follow all school procedures as directed by staff.
  8. The principal will be contacted immediately if a visitor becomes a cause for concern.